vandeMortel - Bold minimalism

Wij ontwerpen stoere en tijdloze essentials voor moderne interieurs. Minimalistische designs met de focus op duurzaamheid. Gemaakt om een leven lang van te genieten.

Design studio vandeMortel


Hey, nice to meet you!

I am Jurgen designer and owner of design studio vandeMortel, the furniture and product design studio that independently designs and makes its own products with care and love in my own workshop using the latest advanced techniques. Why I am doing this? Because I love nothing more than to design products that everyone can enjoy every day!

Unique & authentic design

Passion and fun are my driving forces for the creative process. By daring myself to look further and to look for new combinations. This is how I make functional and timeless products from high-quality materials. In my own studio I am continuously experimenting, and I am always looking for something unique. Something that really makes your house your home.

I am only satisfied when all aspects of the entire design are in the right place. All products are handmade in my own studio using the latest advanced techniques. These can be unique materials such as plastic made from corn, or the latest production techniques such as 3D printing.

I am a big fan of modern, minimalist and authentic products. And been always fascinated by sophistication. Sophisticated products that stand out, but will never shout for attention and make your house a real home.


I call this - BOLD MINIMALISM -



Custom made

I hope to surprise you with my own handmade products! In case you cannot find your unique product on the site, and you want something custom made: call or email me for the possibilities!